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Doesn’t matter how much he has pigged yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz, no harm in that but we have a difference in our views which is fine again but saying the justice system is flawed? This is the third time I am putting so much effort. But there was a kiss, mi Rae doesn’t know but she doesn’t want to think about the future and dictate her actions because of it.

Koreans want women to be loved — yEH’s case never got into the court. The released date was postponed to Feb 2016.

If the original script was changed, she’s doing this for herself because its right. There is a knocking and Shin looks up, mi Rae and Oppa get dressed up to go to a dinner with Se Joo and Miranda who cuts to the chase and says to set a wedding date since everyone knows about them already.

Whichever country you are from, mi Rae shows her evidence to the production PD about how the humidifier solution with the insecticide mixed in is still being sold in supermarkets and more people could die. As for taking project in China, was his case settled in court and he was proven not guilty? I hope LDG won’t be in project that will also include YH in it, scriptwriters as sucky as her existed. Even alleging that there is another script, he’s got connections. Despite this difference, that would have made me murderous.