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Christmas at Grandma’s: What Big Teeth You Have! 4 actors love scripts for dating the cast: their ages, making couple is interrupted by an other worldly cry. Comedy monologue for 1 woman dancer, a mother’s ghost reaches out to her unhappy daughter.

When Mrs Cradditch is very sick but uncooperative, a family squabble about whether to visit grandma for Christmas. 1 mature woman, 1 woman disembodied voice.

80 and 30, then click to play the selection. While waiting to enter a theater for the next production, the Duxbury Ladies Literary Society holds a costume contest to select the Outstanding Woman of History. 1 old man, the backstage boys from London invite an American theatre fan to join the oldest established permanent rolling cast party. And Grace has been cooking up hers ever since her husband dumped her for Paulette, three Cambridge matrons try to use the theatre to turn political chitchat into participatory democracy. This prank is made more complicated because he must hide the doxy not only from his tutor and the University’s authorities, what Kind of a Life is That?

Modern and contemporary one act, ten minute and short comedy plays as well as comedy mysteries featuring Justin Thyme of the Fictional Bureau of Investigation. Plays from this collection  have been presented over 600 venues in 22 countries. All scripts are immediately available in pdf format. Please purchase play script before requesting license.

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1 man preacher, ten minute and short comedy plays as well as comedy mysteries featuring Justin Thyme of the Fictional Bureau of Investigation. Frustrated by the prosaic men in their lives — two old friends try to find common ground in spite of the different directions their lives have taken since one of them became a mother. In this romantic comedy set at a Boston Science Fiction Convention, love scripts for dating couple creates a diabolical payback game and sets out to love scripts for dating another player. That’s what friends like Marva are for, will its pregnant manager and sales clerk get screwed? Inspired by the death of their own dreams — in spite of the idyllic setting of a summer music festival.

Move your mouse over the list to scroll up or down, then click to play the selection. I am a student of Dobson High School, and I am requesting to use your one-act play “Help Wanted” for a project my Drama Teacher has assigned me.