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conscious dating network uk

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conscious dating network uk

An Introduction to Iran This section contains helpful information for companies wishing to start or recommence trading with Iran post lifting of the sanctions. Since signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran’s government has made significant attempts to attract investment into the country and offers Western business large market opportunities. The country has already attracted significant investment in a range of sectors, including infrastructure, utilities, hospitality, oil and gas. British Airways resumed regular, direct flights to Tehran in 2015, so Iran is now only a five-hour flight away for visiting British businesses.

BICC aims to help prepare British companies with up to date knowledge and advice to help in the making decisions when trading with Iran. This website aims to give an introduction to the culture of Iran, its geostrategic importance, the opportunities for trade post lifting of the sanctions and how to navigate the Iranian marketplace. Why Iran is a Good Prospect for British Trade. Iran is one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East, and with the end of its international isolation, British companies now have the opportunity to trade with the largest market to re-enter the global economy in many years. 438 billion in 2017, and the second largest population of the region after Egypt.

Iran has the 18th largest economy in the world. With a total population of 80 million, over half of which are under the age of 30, it is an educated, urbanised and tech-savvy population. This constitutes a huge, brand-conscious consumer market located in a geo-strategic location.

The country has much economic potential, and the government of Iran is ready for renewed investment and more trade. As the momentum for companies to enter Iran accelerates, it is very important for British companies to establish links and connections with Iran. The British government fully supports and encourages UK companies to take advantage of the commercial opportunities as they arise. Iran is currently buzzing with international companies competing for a share in the market and UK companies can take a share of the market also. Iranian companies are keen to work with their British counterparts, valuing their quality and reliability.